Albert Park, VIC - St Silas and St Anselm Anglican

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: [Multiple]

Address: Corner Bridport & Ferrars Streets, Albert Park, Victoria, 3206

Architect: Louis R Williams

Traditional Owners: Bunurong people

Last Updated: 26/06/2023

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History and Architecture:

First services were held in the Albert Hall, Bevan Street, then for 50 years in a wooden building on the site of the present service station. It was enlarged in stages. The present building was constructed by Melbourne church architect Louis Williams in 1925. In 1969 the Hall was incorporated into the lower part of the Church building.

St Anselm's Church began in with a wooden building on the corner of Langridge Street and Park Road Middle Park. In 1891, the Parish was formed by cutting the area from Harold Street to Fraser Street Middle Park from St Silas' parish. A brick church in Gothic style on the site was completed in 1919 by the building firm of McBain Brothers . The Foundation stone was laid on 5 December 1925 by his Excellency Lord Stonehaven Governor General.

In 2001 the Diocese decided to close St Anselm's Church and amalgamate the two Parishes. Many fine artefacts from St Anselm's including stained glass windows were incorporated into St Silas' Church, and the Parish became known as the Anglican Parish of St Silas And St Anselm.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1879 - 1909 Rev S C Kent
1909 - 1940 Rev Augustine Bithray Rowed 1868 1940
1922 - 1924 Rev Herbert Evan Onianos Curate 1899 1945
1940 - 1957 Rev F E.H. Tolhurst
1957 - 1970 Rev Leslie Llewellyn Elliott 1914 1980
1970 - 1978 Rev H W. McCartney
1995 - 1997 Rev H.J.L. Butterley
2010 - Archdeacon Ray McInnes


First organ was built in 1873 by George Fincham for Masonic Hall, Melbourne. Installed in 1885 at Albert Park and removed in 1972 by Hill, Norman & Beard. Second organ built in 1873 by George Fincham for Christ Church Anglican Church, Echuca and installed at Albert Park in 2001. Present organ built in 1925 by George Fincham & Sons for Methodist Church, Surrey Hills.
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1. Cable Clerical Index with permission.
2. Organ Historical Trust of Australia with permission.