Alexandra, VIC - St John's Anglican (20081)

Year Built: 1937

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: John

Address: 39 Downey Street, Alexandra, Victoria, 3714

Last Updated: 06/01/2021

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History and Architecture:

The first church of St John's in Alexandra was built in 1868 and is now the parish ahll. The building was moved from a more southerly site in town to the present position in 1938. The Foundation stone of the current church was laid by Reverend Douglas Blake on 18 November 1937.

The present church is of reinforced concrete designed by Louis Williams and built by Mr George Pain.

The Church was consecrated in August 1943 by the Right Reverend T.M.Armour, Bishop of Wangaratta. The style was described as “ Arts and Crafts Continuing Gothic/Norman.”

The present Rectory was built in 1907. It is assumed from its age that it was on the present site and retained by the Church. It was restored and extended in 1987 at a cost of approximately $50,000.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1910 - 1914 Deacon James Leslie Watt
1924 - 1926 Rev Robert Bruce Ball
1931 - 1935 Rev Leopold George Ball M.A.
1928 - 1930 Rev William Andrew Williams
1946 - 1956 Rev Samuel Taylor
1966 - 1970 Rev F.A. Morrey
1970 - 1973 Rev P.S. Hutchinson
2019 - Rev Graeme Brown


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