Binalong, NSW - St Thomas' Anglican

Year Built: 1886

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Thomas

Address: Stephens Street, Binalong, New South Wales, 2584

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 26/04/2021

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History and Architecture:

One of the earliest references to the Binalong District as part of the parish of Yass is in the report of the Yass Auxiliary of the Church Society for 1869 when Archdeacon Lillingston is reported to have said, that Yass people were too apt to consider that the world lay between Bowning and the Gap. In the 1871 census Binalong is shown as having a population of 189 of whom 36 belonged to the Church of England.

The first service at Binalong was recorded there on 1 April 1883.

In 1886 a grant of 30 was promised by the diocese towards the building of the church at Binalong and in 1887 the Bishop reported that the debt to the Binalong building committee had been paid. A brick church built on a stone foundation. The bricks were obtained from Gunning and the bricklayer was Mr Bundock of Boorowa. The church was finished in May 1886.

A foundation stone was laid on 22 June 1927 by the Right Reverend Dr Radford.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1913 - 1916 Rev W. S. Price
1916 - 1917 Rev R. Barker
1917 - 1918 Rev F. Ingle
1918 - 1919 Rev Charles James Randell 1876 1956
1918 - 1920 Rev R. R. Macartney-Noake 1953
1920 - Rev Harry Herbert Gowing 1880 1947
1920 - 1925 Rev R. Upjohn
1925 - 1932 Rev J. Rose 1949
1932 - 1936 Rev H. H. Kyte
1936 - Canon Burgess
1937 - 1940 Rev Prosper De Mestre Pichburn 1909 1981


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