Blackburn North, VIC - St Alfred's Anglican

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Alfred

Address: 17 Springfield Road, Blackburn North, Victoria, 3130

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 25/01/2022

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History and Architecture:

In 1883 a building had been constructed on the corner of Whitehorse road and Francom Street. This became the main centre for nglican worship but in 1889 it was moved to Box Hill and was later burnt down.

With the steady growth in population in Blackburn, by the end of the 1880s it was apparent that Blackburn would need a more substantial church to accommodate the number of families attending worship and to meet the needs of future growth in the area.

At this time the two leading Anglicans in Blackburn were Thomas Morton (after whom Morton Park on Central Road is named), who was the secretary and accountant of the Freehold Investment and Banking Company, essentially a real estate company; any. and George Goodwin, manager of the Blackburn Company Estate, a land development company. It was George Goodwin who laid out the plan for Blackburn as a 'model township' (and after whom Goodwin Street is named Mary, Alfred and George streets were named after his three eltie't. children).

The foundation meeting for an Anglican church in Blackburn was held in the home of Thomas Morton in Blackburn Road, was attended by George Goodwin and a local architect Arthur Clarke (who had designed the original Box Hill shire hall in Station Street) and Rev. William Green the incumbent of Box Hill and Surrey Hills parishes.

As the Francom Street building was to be moved to St Peter's, Box Hill, the trustees of St Peter's agreed to contribute £200 towards the cost of building a church in Blackburn. The Freehold Investment and Banking Company was prepared to donate an allotment, of 96 ft by 142 ft, between the railway station and Whitehorse Road, for the erection of a church on condition that a suitable building was put up within a specified time.

 At the September meeting of the guardians Arthur Clarke submitted plans for a modest brick building of 27 ft by 25 ft for 'Church and Sunday school purposes'. Tenders were called in January 1890, and that of Garrett Bros of Box Hill for £384/17/- was accepted. A loan of E250 was sought from the diocese to cover the remaining cost of building and furnishing.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1961 - 1962 Rev Kenneth John Brierty Curate 1933 2019
1962 - 1964 Rev David Townsend Asst
1964 - 1966 Rev Russell Bradden Curate
1967 - 1968 Rev David Hawkins Curate
1968 - 1970 Rev Alan Hoskin Curate
1970 - 1971 Rev Clem Watts Curate
1971 - 1973 Rev Tom Wood Curate
1973 - 1975 Rev Bruce Hansford Curate
1975 - 1976 Rev Ian Cameron Curate
1977 - Rev Jon Pinniger Curate
1977 - 1979 Rev Tony Copley Curate
1979 - 1980 Rev Graeme Sells Curate
1981 - 1991 Rev Graeme Sells
1987 - 1988 Rev Peter Danaher Curate
1990 - Rev Anne Sells Asst
1991 - Rev Blair Grace Locum
1992 - 1999 Rev Rob Carter
1993 - 1995 Rev Peter Aggarwal Curate
1997 - 2009 Rev Don Stott Associate Pastor
2000 - Rev Keil Malen Locum
2000 - 2012 Rev Peter McPherson
2002 - 2005 Rev Andrew Harper Associate Rev
2007 - 2009 Rev Wei Han Kuan Curate
2010 - 2012 Rev Dr Wei Han Kuan


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1. Windows of St Alfred's A Church on the Move. Garry Trollope.