Boonah, QLD - Christ Church Anglican

Denomination: Anglican

Address: 10 Church Street, Boonah, Queensland, 4310

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Ugarapuls,Yuggera people

Last Updated: 09/04/2024

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History and Architecture:

The earliest recorded visit by a clergyman seems to be in August, 1848, when the Rev. Benjamin. Glennie held services in private homes during his journey from Brisbane to the Darling Downs. St. Paul's, Ipswich Parish magazine of March 31st, 1887, notes that the curate, Rev. H. Simmonds, visits Fassifern, Dugandan, Coochin and Maroon on a monthly basis. Folklore believes a small church was in existence prior to 1890, but, be that as it may, there are no records of such.

On March 6th, 1888, Mr. John Hooper, made available a suitable piece of land measuring 3 rods 8 perches, in Church Street, for the building of an English Church. He gifted half to the Church the other half being purchased for the sum of £25. It is interesting to find the document signed by Mr. William Hooper, the reason being that Mr. John Hooper was unable to write and his son acted on his behalf.

The design is old English Gothic and Buttress, not the contemporary modernistic style. The walls are of brick, inside and outside, cavity walls with an air-flow, in between. The interior is plaster finish, painted in lovely soft pastel shades of Blue Chalk ceiling, sanctuary wall Powder Pink above polished ash panels: side walls Driftwood: main entrance Tibetian Gold. The vestries are a different colour scheme altogether, but still in soft flat pastel shades of Primrose, April Green, Chartreuse and Fuchsia Pink. The foundations of the building are two feet beneath the ground, and the brick walls penetrate the ground and sit on the reinforced concrete foundation layer which is two feet wide and ten inches thick. Under the whole structure there is a solid rock bed. The roof is in tiles.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1909 - 1910 Rev Herbert Percy Hale
1910 - 1921 Rev Austin Egbert Eva
1914 - 1918 Rev Frank Knight Locum
1921 - 1926 Rev Charles Christopher Compton
1926 - 1930 Rev George Ernest Easter
1930 - 1933 Rev Ivor Llewellyn Skelton
1933 - 1938 Rev Norman Michael
1938 - 1953 Rev Christopher Temple De Benham
1941 - 1942 Rev Patrick Campbell Nelson Locum
1943 - 1945 Rev Erk Dudley Eglinton Locum
1953 - 1961 Rev Allan Charles Haysom 1909 2000
1961 - 1971 Rev Maurice Clement Pay
1971 - 1974 Rev Edmond Francis Dunglison
1974 - 1980 Rev Douglas Edward Laver
1980 - 1988 Rev Barry John Greaves
1988 - 1990 Rev Robert Hay PiC 1953
1996 - Rev G. L. Bradford 1950
2011 - Rev F. Andrews


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