Bothwell, TAS - St Lukes Uniting

Year Built: 1830

Denomination: Uniting

Saint: Luke

Address: 10 Market Place, Bothwell, Tasmania, 7030

Previous Denomination: Presbyterian

Architect: John Lee Archer

Traditional Owners: Lairmairrener people

Last Updated: 14/06/2023

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History and Architecture:

The Church was opened in 1830 and was built by the Colonial Government for joint use by the Anglican and Presbyterian congregations. The Church was built jointly for the established church of England and the Presbyterians. The builder was William Foorde and the cost was £147. 

Lt Govt Arthur directed the architect John Lee Archer to change the rounded windows which he considered un Christian. The Hobart Town Courier reported on June 5 1830 that "Alexander Reid, Esq, J.P. "Ratho", then with trowel like a true brother and good workman, went through the usual form of laying the first stone, after which the Rev. J. Garrett concluded with an appropriate prayer".

Daniel Herbert a convict sculpture who carved the Ross Bridge heads reputedly carved the Celtic heads over the doorway of this church.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1829 - 1840 Rev James Garrett
1843 - 1863 Rev John Robertson
1874 - 1882 Rev Joseph Black
1883 - 1884 Rev Henry Tremlett Hull
1884 - Rev J. C. Scott
1884 - Rev K McIntyre
1887 - 1906 Rev Doctor
1906 - Rev J. Heyer Home Mission
1907 - Rev R. M. Fraser
1912 - Mr W. Anderson student
1913 - Rev G. L. Johnson Student
1916 - Rev S. A. Vertigan Student
1921 - Rev J. Silverster Student
1924 - Rev John Black Student
1924 - Rev Lewis Clayton Student
1926 - Rev L. M. Fairley Student
1937 - 1943 Mr W. L. Baker Home Mission
1944 - 1947 Mr R. Alison Norris Home Mission
1950 - 1954 Rev R. J. Scrimgeour
1954 - 1956 Mr J. S. Hazeldine Lay Reader
1954 - 1956 Mr A. C. Stubs Lay Reader
1956 - 1959 Rev Arthur Solomon
2020 - Rev Meg Evans


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