Bungaree, VIC - St John's Anglican

Year Built: 1869

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: John

Address: 335 Bungaree Wallace Road, Bungaree, Victoria, 3352

Architect: Henry Richard Caselli

Traditional Owners: Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people

Last Updated: 17/07/2022

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History and Architecture:

A meeting of locals was held in November of 1865 and the committee decided to purchase land where todays church is located. The first church service was held at Mr Benham's home on 6 January 1867.

In April, 1866 it was proposed that the church be of stone, 25 feet by 40 feet with a hardwood floor and shingle roof. The walls to be 18 feet high and 18 inches thick. The architect was Mr. Henry Richard Caselli who was responsible for many churches in the district. He was instructed to call separate tenders for the stone work, carpentering and joining, and painting and glazing. The lowest quote received for the painting and glazing was 77, the carpentering and joining 209 and the masonry work 508.

The foundations were laid in 1867 and the progress payment of 70 was made to the contractor Mr. H. Button on 6 June, 1867.

It was not until 25 April, 1869, that the church was dedicated for public worship on 25 April 1869 by the Archdeacon of Geelong who was the preacher at both services on that day.


In 1870 Messrs. Bacchus, Acton and Trigg offered to enclose three sides of the church land with a good fence of 3 rails, they finding and carting the materials for 6/- per load. The following year, arrangements were made with Mr. Schroeder to fence the front side of the land and gates and turnstiles made of wood were put in place. Later on this fence was coated with tar at the request of Mr. Linsdell.

In 1876 a six stall stable was erected for the accommodation of horses of people travelling a distance. This stable was a shed about 32 feet long and was erected b Mr. Schroeder for a cost of 24.10.0.


By 1911 the Architect was asked to give fresh estimates of an additional bay to the church and a chancel. Mr. George Rowsell tendered 340 for the extension of the nave, 230 for the chancel and 118 for a vestry. It was decided to accept the tender for the nave and to defer the chancel so a debt not exceeding 500 be incurred.

The northern brick end was knocked out and several feet added to the main body of the church as well the beautiful chancel of which he was so proud. This meant closing the church for many months and the services were then held in the Sunday School.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1868 - Rev Allanby
1914 - Rev O. R. Snell
1918 - Rev E C.W. Fleischer
1919 - Rev Charles Oscar Andersen 1876 1945
1922 - Rev W. E. Pugh
1924 - Rev W. Boake
1926 - 1927 Rev Alfred Talbot 1876 1963
1928 - Rev W. J. Park
1930 - Rev F. H. Symond
1936 - Rev A. W. Pain
1938 - Rev G. A. Bunn
1942 - Rev J. A. McQueen
1943 - Rev Oscar Charles Esperson 1882 1980
1947 - 1948 Rev Wilfrid Henry Chamberlain 1888 1953
1948 - Rev Wilfrid Henry Chamberlain Combined Parish of Ballan/Bungaree 1888 1953
1953 - Rev J. Greenwood Combined Parish of Ballan/Bungaree
1957 - Rev H. Scott Combined Parish of Ballan/Bungaree
1963 - Rev C. Whitehead Combined Parish of Ballan/Bungaree
1976 - Rev T. M. Pamflett Combined Parish of Ballan/Bungaree
1985 - Rev A. Peters Combined Parish of Ballan/Bungaree
1997 - Rev G. Loos Combined Parish of Ballan/Bungaree


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Information supplied by the Bungaree Historical Society