Camberwell South, VIC - St Mary's Anglican

Year Built: 1957

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Mary

Address: Corner Toorak & Bowen Street, Camberwell South, Victoria, 3124

Architect: Rodney Alsop

Traditional Owners: Wurundjeri people

Last Updated: 23/01/2023

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History and Architecture:

The establishment of a Church in South Camberwell was mooted in July, 1916, when the Vicar of our Mother Church, St. John's, Camberwell, the Rev. A. Roscoe Wilson, suggested to the Archbishop the purchase of land in the district for that purpose. It was recorded that the erection of a Church Hall in this area, to be known as St. Mary's, was definitely considered when the Vestry of St. John's accepted a tender of £1317 for the erection of such a Hall on land donated by a benefactor, Mr. John Payne, at the corner of Toorak Road and Bowen Street. The Foundation Stone of the Hall was blessed by the Venerable Archdeacon W. G. Hindley, and was laid on Saturday, 11th May, 1918.

The Foundation stone for the current church was laid on 2 November 1957 by Reverend C.R.C Tidmarsh. The Architect was Loius Williams and the builder was CA Johnson.

The Foundation stone reads,  "This Stone was blessed by the Most Rev. J. J. Booth, C.M.G., M.C., D.D., Administrator of the Diocese, and laid by the Rev. C.R.C. Tidmarsh, Th.L., First Vicar of the Parish, 1920-1956, on 2nd November, 1957. Glory be to God. The Rt. Rev. Donald Redding, Vicar.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1920 - 1956 Rev C. R.C. Tidmarsh 1968
1957 - 1960 Rev Bishop D. L. Redding
1960 - 1963 Rev R. J. Lipp
1963 - 1965 Rev K. H. Roberts
1966 - 1976 Rev C. F. Withington 1922 1992
1976 - 1979 Rev Fred Bedbrook 2010
1976 - Rev Alf Donnelly Asst
1979 - 1981 Rev Victor Maddick
1981 - 1990 Rev John Wright
1991 - Rev Eric Christianson Locum
1991 - 2000 Rev David Guy Stanley Rathgen
2000 - Rev David Smith Locum
2000 - 2004 Rev Roger Ridley
2005 - Rev Graeme Arthur Sells Locum
2005 - Rev Barry Green Locum
2005 - 2010 Rev Andrew Ettles
2010 - Rev Mark Hanson Locum
2010 - Rev Edwin Lang Locum
2010 - Rev Graeme Arthur Sells Locum
2010 - Rev Gordon Hargrave
2011 - Rev Neville Mellor


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1. History of the first 50 Years of the Anglican Church of St Mary's Camberwell South. LTP 283.94511 H24H.
2. Church website