Camberwell, VIC - St Dunstan's Anglican

Year Built: 1966

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Dunstan

Address: 163 Wattle Valley Road, Camberwell, Victoria, 3124

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Wurundjeri people

Last Updated: 16/02/2022

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History and Architecture:

In 1925 communications between the Reverend Walter Green then of Murrumbeena, and the Vicar elect of East Camberwell resulted in an exploritory visit to Wattle Valley Road which was duly selected as the centre of the new parish.

In 1960 plans for completion of Church submitted to Vestry by architect Louis Williams. By 1966 a contract was let to complete the church to new design by architects Mockridge, Stable and Mitchell. On October 23rd a foundation Stone of building extensions was laid. Dedication of the new church was held on May 21st 1967.

A Foundation stone reads, " This stone was laid by the Right Reverend G.T. Sambell on October 23rd 1966 to mark the building of extensions to complete this church".



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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1926 - 1934 Rev Oliver John Brady
1935 - 1944 Rev John Smerger Drought 1894 1982
1944 - 1949 Rev Philip B. Hayman 1949
1948 - 1949 Rev John Vance Gason Locum 1908 1997
1949 - 1964 Rev Ronald Ernest McQuie 1895 1975
1964 - 1970 Rev Edwin Knox Robins Locum 1915 2011
1964 - 1970 Rev Edwin K. Robins
1970 - Rev Ian H. St Clair
1971 - 1972 Rev Fred Keay Locum
1974 - Rev Arthur F. Lloyd Asst
2020 - Rev Jobby John


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