Campbelltown, NSW - St John's Catholic

Year Built: 1887

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: John

Address: 35 Cordeaux Street, Campbelltown, New South Wales, 2560

Architect: Mr J.B. Barlow

Traditional Owners: Dharawal people

Last Updated: 16/05/2024

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History and Architecture:

Father James Dunne took charge of Campbelltown parish in 1886 and one of his first tasks was to look to a new parish church. In March 1886 he signed a contract with Mr Oliver Harley of Darlinghurst for the erection and completion of St John’s Church, Cordeaux Street for a sum of £1686. The architect was Mr J.B. Barlow and Mr Harley was bound to complete the church in 36 weeks. In June an additional contract was let for the adding of a chancel and sacristy together with the removal of the old water-closet and the building of two new ones for a cost of £350.

The Foundation stone was laid by Cardinal Moran and the church was officially opened by Cardinal Moran on 22 May 1887.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1884 - 1885 Father Augustus William Petre
1886 - 1933 Father James Dunne 1931
1933 - 1954 Father Arthur McHugh 1954
1954 - 1955 Father Thomas Vaughan Administrator 1968
1955 - 1957 Father Isadore Ekerick Administrator 1998
1957 - 1974 Father Thomas Grant Administrator
1974 - 1978 Father Peter Lewis Comensoli Administrator
1978 - 1985 Father Paul Ryan
1985 - 1997 Father Brian Jones
1997 - 2017 Father Michael Healy
2017 - Father John Ho


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