Caulfield South, VIC - St Catherine's Anglican (20543)

Year Built: 1875

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Catherine

Address: Corner Clarence & Kooyong Roads, Caulfield South, Victoria, 3162

Last Updated: 09/01/2021

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History and Architecture:

The Revd H.B. Macartney purchased a small weatherboard former Methodist Church, known as St Peter's Mission Church, Camden Town, in 1875, on the corner of Glen Huntly Road and Cedar Street. After this, Messrs. R.W. B. Mackenzie, and I..J. Davies and J.H. Davies officiating as lay readers from St Mary's, were among the first people to take the services. I.J. Davies later was minister of St John's Presbyterian Church, Elsternwick*.

On 19 September 1888 the last service was held in the old location. In October 1888 the church was moved by a parishioner, Mr Edward J. Waghorn, to the North-West Corner of Sycamore and Poplar Streets, Caulfield South, and the church was opened in the new location with the name of St Catherine's by Bishop Goe on 21 December 1988*.


The Revd J. Lacy Winn, curate of St Mary's was given special charge of St Catherine's in 1892, which became independent in 1907. It moved to its present location in 1915*.

The Foundation stone was laid on 20 September 1921 by his Excellency the Governor of Victoria The Earl of Stradbroke KCMC KB.

On 25 November 1923, an entry in the Preacher's Book changed the spelling from St Catherine's to St Catharine's*.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1914 - 1927 Rev G P Schwieger
1927 - 1935 Rev R Hamilton
1935 - 1950 Rev A. T Pidd
1950 - 1958 Rev A. J. Whyte
1958 - 1964 Rev Alan George Mee 1911 1992
1964 - 1976 Rev Robert Griffith Mountney 1911 1986
1976 - 1981 Rev G M Browne
1981 - 1988 Rev Keith V Joyner
1989 - 1992 Rev C. W. Kenny
1993 - 1996 Rev A. R Wicking
1998 - 2002 Rev S B Brooks
2003 - 2011 Rev S J. Hill
2012 - 2014 Rev Dr M J. Durie
2012 - Rev H M Cetrangolo
2014 - Rev Adam Cetrangolo


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*Rev Adam Cetrangolo 2014


* Naming the Wells' produced by the Rev'd Dr Mark J. Durie for the 150th Anniversary of St Mary's Anglican Church Caulfield, 2008

* History of the Anglican Parish of St. Catharine Caulfield South 1875-2000. compiled by Julie A. King, 2000.