Coorparoo, QLD - St James' Catholic

Year Built: 1925

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: James

Address: 165 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo, Queensland, 4151

Architect: H.J. Marks

Traditional Owners: Turrbal people

Last Updated: 26/02/2024

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History and Architecture:

On 6 February 1913, Duhig purchased three acres of land for the sum of £1250. A timber church-school was erected on the corner of Wecker Street (later Kirkland Avenue) and Old Cleveland Road in 1913 at a cost of £2650. The church, designed by Joseph Warren and built by E. Duhig of Wooloowin, was dedicated by Archbishop Duhig on 10 August 1913.

The present church of St James at Coorparoo is one of the three almost identical churches designed by Toowoomba architect, H.J. Marks. At the request of the parish priest, Fr J. O'Leary, it was identical in design to the church of his friend Fr Foughy, parish priest of Laidley. This was the second church to be built on the site.

The two tier front facade of the building features a central indented porch divided into three bays by two large columns. These three bays continue into the upper tier brick wall past a rendered entablature.

A plaque on the church wall reads, On the 25th of January 1925  on the feast of St Paul the Apostle this first stone of the church erected to the glory of God under the title and patronage of St James the Apostle was blessed and placed by the most Reverend J Duhig D.D. Archbishop of Brisbane in the reign of Pope Pius Eleventh with the Reverend J. O'Leary being the Parish Priest.  


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1913 - 1952 Dean Jeremiah O'Leary 1953
1952 - 1952 Father Thomas A. Hunt 1996
1952 - 1958 Father P. E. Boland 2000
1953 - 1958 Father Thomas A. Hunt Asst 1996
1972 - 1974 Father J. E. Bolton 2000
1975 - 1982 Father D. K. O'Shea 1921 2008
1983 - 1986 Father J. A. O'Sullivan
1987 - 1991 Father A. J.J. van der Veer
1992 - 1994 Father Peter Patrick McHugh 2014
1994 - 1994 Father K. J. Burman
1994 - 1994 Father P. S. Bourke
1995 - 1998 Father J. E. Bolton
1999 - 2006 Father D. B. Quirke
2007 - 2010 Father D. M. Austin
2011 - Father B. D. Fitzpatrick
2023 - Father Francis Cabarubbias Belcina Administrator


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1. 2018 Photos courtesy of John Huth


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