Deddington, TAS - Nile Protestant (8172)

Year Built: 1840

Denomination: Protestant

Address: 958 Deddington Road, Deddington, Tasmania, 7212

Last Updated: 12/07/2022

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History and Architecture:

This Chapel was built one hundred and twenty five years ago and is closely associated with John Glover, the most prominent and important artist ever to settle in Van Diemen's Land. He lived at nearby Patterdale and worshipped in this small chapel. He, with his wife Sarah, are buried by the western wall. The Chapel was opened for worship by November 1842.

It was built on land given by Robert Pitcairn, the owner of Nile Farm. The building, of the simplest design, set amongst the native trees is said to have been designed by John Glover, whose drawings of it are reproduced here.

The Chapel was built by Public Subscription on this "Gifted Land" with Land Ownership being transferred to "The Residents of Deddington", in 1849. From 1865 the Chapel began use as the Local School and continued for this purpose until 1885. It was again used for the same purpose in 1912.

Major restoration work on the building was undertaken by the National Trust of Tasmania in the 1960's with assistance from local residents and further maintenance was completed by the Chapel Trustees in 1999.Ongoing maintenance is always needed and this has included Grave restoration, fencing, landscaping and Chapel signage.

Services were held for fifty or sixty years by ministers of both the Church of Scotland and the Church of England. But with the drift of population from Deddington, services became less well attended until, finally, services were discontinued altogether and the building fell into disrepair.


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1. The Deddington Chapel 1842. LSC P 285 0944622 NAT