Doreen, VIC - Hazelglen Uniting (20022)

Year Built: 1872

Denomination: Uniting

Address: Corner Yan Yean & Chapel Road, Doreen, Victoria, 3754

Last Updated: 05/01/2021

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History and Architecture:

The land upon which the Hazelgen Uniting Church, Mernda Parish, stands was purchased from Henry Walker for 10 shillings. The church was built in 1872.

The church was built during the ministry of Wesleyan Minister, the Rev. Charles Dubourg, who also oversaw the erection of churches at Thomastown, Whittlesea and Wollert. It replaced a slab walled bark roofed structure which stood on the northern corner of Yan Yean and Chapel Roads.

Slabs from the original church were used to construct a stable within the church grounds, but this was destroyed by fire in 1930 and replaced by an iron structure. In 1886 the name was changed from Linton to Hazel Glen Wesleyan Church.


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