East Camberwell, VIC - St Dominic's Catholic

Year Built: 1924

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: Dominic

Address: 816 Riversdale Road, East Camberwell, Victoria, 3126

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Wurundjeri people

Last Updated: 31/01/2022

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History and Architecture:

In 1924, the Dominican Fathers took possession of Sir John Higgins' residence (now the front section of the Priory) and the first Parish Mass was celebrated in the front parlour on March 16th that year. Twenty nine people were present.

The Church is built of rock-faced basalt ashlar with fine French detailing done in sandstone.

The blessing and laying of the foundation stone took place on June 22nd 1925. In attendance was his Grace the Archbishop of Melbourne, (the Most Rev. Dr. Mannix) with whom were associated the Right Rev. Dr. McCarthy (Bishop of Sandhurst), the Very Rev. Prior Hogan, 0.P., the Very Rev. Dean Carey, P.P., the Very Rev. J.A. Kindelan, O.C.C., the Rev. John Norris, P.P., the Rev. A. May, P.R. the Rev. E. O'Brien, P.P., the Rev. D. Gleeson, P.P., the Very Rev, J. Murphy, SJ., M.A., the Very Rev. E. Frost, S.J., the Rev. E. Sheehy, C.M.
The foundation-stone, which was the gift of Mr. J.P. O'Rourke, of St. ilda, is of granite, and bears this inscription in gilt lettering: "1224. Veritas 1924.  This stone of Saint Dominic's Church -school was blessed by his Grace the Most Rev. D. Mannix, D.D., Archbishop of Melbourne on Sunday 22nd June, 1924.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1922 - Father Stanislaus Hogan 1943
1934 - Father Francis Xavier Corry
1938 - 1950 Father Vincent Ryan 1983
1950 - Father Bertrand William Curran 1951
1956 - Father Dominic Valentine Fitzmaurice 1975
2021 - Father Peter Nguyen


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