Evandale, TAS - St Andrew's Uniting

Year Built: 1839

Denomination: Uniting

Saint: Andrew

Address: 9 High Street, Evandale, Tasmania, 7212

Previous Denomination: Presbyterian

Architect: James Blackburn

Last Updated: 06/12/2023

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History and Architecture:

The Scottish Community of Evandale had raised funds for the building of a Kirk (Church) and along with a grant from the Government this enabled the laying of a foundation stone in 1838 by the Governor, Sir John Franklin and from this the Kirk (Church) became a reality with the dedication of St. Andrews on 5th September 1840.

The church has appeared in many books dealing with the romance of Architecture in Tasmania. The manse was finished soon afterwards, but unfortunatly no one knows who the architect was who designed it. The opening service was conducted by the Rev. John Lillie on a day of constant rain. "It literally poured the whole day, Mr. Russel wrote to tell his brother George.

No architect has been identified and the finished structure is no like any other building in the Australian colonies. The form of the building echoes that of a Roman temple. It features sturdy Doric columns and a central bell tower. For a complete description click here.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1838 - 1873 Rev Robert Russell 1808 1877
1874 - 1880 Rev Robert Smith Duff 1917
1880 - 1911 Rev James Russell
1911 - 1921 Rev W. Mabin
1921 - 1924 Rev George E. Harrison
1926 - 1944 Rev W. Fraser
1944 - 1949 Rev L O.C. White
1949 - 1960 Rev J. Henderson
1963 - Rev T. J. Griffiths B.A.


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1. St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Evandale Tasmania, 1838 - 1964. LSC P 285.09946 VON.