Exeter, TAS - All Saints Anglican

Year Built: 1916

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: All Saints

Address: 91 Main Road, Exeter, Tasmania, 7075

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 20/10/2022

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History and Architecture:

The first move towards the establishment of a church at Exeter took place during the year 1910 when a meeting was held at the Hotel to discuss the purchase of a piece of land on which to build a church. Those attending that meeting included Rev. C. C. Macmichael, Messrs B. C. Archer, Spencer Priestley, George Bray and Eric Reid. It was decided to canvass the district. Mr. Reid was appointed Treasurer and about 20 pounds was subscribed. Mr. W. V. Reeves became Treasurer and Secretary, a position he held until his death in December 1944.

The foundation stone of the church was laid by Bishop Stevens on 24 January 1916 and the first service held on December 17 of the same year but the dedication service was not held until 20 January 1917, exactly one year after the commencement of the work. Since so much of the materials had beer given and so much of the labour was voluntary, no figures were kept on building costs. Nonetheless, reference to the minutes show that the total accounts passed by the committee amount to £600, and the amount of actual costs mentioned at the compietton was £700.

A Foundation stone reads, " A.D.M.G. This stone was laid by the Lord Bishop of Tasmania on Jan 24th 1916".

In 1910 Mr.Southerwood, the local publican, donated land for the building of a church and from thereon the West Tamar Mission conducted regular services in halls, schools and packing sheds at Rosevears, Exeter, West and East Glengarry, Frankford, Gravelly Beach and Bridgenorth.

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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1893 - Rev John Vansittart Bucland 1850 1932
1916 - Rev John Herman
1918 - 1919 Rev Harry Johstone Gauntlett 1868 1949
1927 - 1934 Rev Charles James Randell 1876 1956
1935 - 1941 Rev Richard Bruce Cranswick 1902 1972
1942 - 1946 Rev Malcolm Alan Frank Downie 1913 1998
1946 - 1948 Rev C. V. Doig
1948 - 1951 Rev I. J. Brown
1951 - 1954 Rev E. J. Viney
1954 - 1958 Rev M. R. Stanton
1958 - 1959 Rev D. J. Turner For 6 months
1959 - 1962 Rev Winfrid James Richards 1909 1991
1962 - 1968 Rev I J. Carter
1968 - 1972 Rev B. Hutchinson
1972 - 1977 Rev C. Ruddock
1977 - 1979 Rev G. Canion
1979 - 1980 Rev G. Tyson Hon Priest
1980 - Rev G. Jones
2020 - Rev Carol Hole
2020 - Rev Keith McCoy


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