Freshwater Creek, VIC - St David's Lutheran (21059)

Year Built: 1866

Denomination: Lutheran

Saint: David

Address: 905 Anglesea Road, Freshwater Creek, Victoria, 3217

Last Updated: 28/12/2021

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History and Architecture:

Designed by R.S. Tutt the church measured 40ft by 20ft in addition to a vestry and porch. Mr W. Crabb was the builder. On 2nd September 1866 the building was dedicated by Pastor Schurmann. The church and grounds have both been classified by the National Trust.

A plaque on the church reads, " 1866 St David's Lutheran Church". A plaque on the stone entrance reads, " To the Glory of God Presented by Mr and Mrs C Baensch in memorial of their darling daughter Margaret Rhoda (RITA) who met with a fatal accident 23rd April 1913 Aged 21 years Till we meet again".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1853 - Pastor C. W. Schurmann
1862 - 1877 Pastor P G. Jacobson
1877 - 1882 Pastor J E.G. Bode
1883 - 1893 Pastor E C.C. Darsow
1893 - 1913 Pastor Louis G Schulze
2020 ? - Pastor Colin Simpkin


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