Goodna, QLD - St Francis Xavier Catholic

Year Built: 1880

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: Francis

Address: 6 Church Street, Goodna, Queensland, 4300

Architect: Andrea Stombuco

Traditional Owners: Ugarapul people

Last Updated: 20/05/2023

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History and Architecture:

The foundation stone for St Patrick's (as it was originally called) was laid on Sunday 15 August 1880 by Bishop of Brisbane James Quinn. The church was opened in Sunday 1 May 1881 by Bishop Quinn.

Local stone came from a nearby quarry, believed to be in Stuart Street with parishioners carting the stone to the site as voluntary work. The church was renovated and extended in 1915 by contractor J.C. Hobbs of Brisbane, to a design by R Coutts and Sons. The main change was construction of a new apse of brick and two side sacristies to connect the apse, an arch was cut in the stonework of the rear wall.

The name of the church was changed to St Francis Xavier in the 1920s, apparently to avoid confusion as so many churches were named St Patrick's.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
- Rev Thomas Vincent Keating 1924 1941
2023 - Father Vu Dinh Tuong


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