Goolwa, SA - Holy Evangelist Anglican

Year Built: 1867

Denomination: Anglican

Address: Cadell Street, Goolwa, South Australia, 5214

Architect: G E Hamilton

Traditional Owners: Ramindjeri people

Last Updated: 24/02/2024

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History and Architecture:

In August 1865, the Anglican residents of Goolwa resolved to make every effort to erect a church in Goolwa. A building committee was appointed, consisting of Dr. T. Taylor, Messrs B. Sunman, T. Goode (merchant), Alan Doke, Newell, B. Varcoe E. Dutton, Smyth, W. Ray, Baldock, Joseph Field (butcher), Laffin, Shettliffe (later Shetliff), T.W. Higgins, Jones, S. Hake, Sewell, Knox, and T. Cursors.*

The land was granted to the Church in 1857 and the foundation stone was laid in January 1867. The church is built of travertine limestone set liberally in mortar and has a limestone clock tower with spire. The bell was presented in 1897 by Liet Col Higgins, the tower was completed in 1905 and the clock installed in 1915. The Church was opened in 1868. The Architect was G E Hamilton.

Before the Church was opened services were held at the court house. At time of construction the church bell was one of the heaviest in the State, weighing 340 lbs. The distinctive spire cost £300. The little hall at the rear of the church was built in 1855.

The Church tower, was built in stages; the first part (incorporated in the main building) was not roofed for some time. In 1876 the wardens were authorized to purchase materials (cost not to exceed 5) and fix a temporary roof and close in the clock holes, as a protection from the weather.*

The Bell was presented by Lt. Colonel T.W. Higgins in 1897, the purchase price being approximately 14 (see Inscriptions & Plaques, page 10). This bell was one of the heaviest in the Province, weighing 340 lbs.*

The little hall at the rear of the church was built in 1855.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1851 - 1858 Rev John Fulford 1822 1905
1868 - 1891 Rev Edward T Howell
1891 - 1933 Rev Thomas Morrison Boyer 1859 1935
1933 - 1937 Rev L. B Riley
1937 - 1941 Rev G Cornish
1941 - 1945 Rev G P Hadden
1945 - Rev Arthur Stanley Webb 1887 1952
1945 - 1946 Rev G Cornish
1946 - 1952 Rev V H.C. Sherwin
1952 - 1958 Rev Frank Beaumont Hewitson
1958 - 1965 Rev C. L Penn
1965 - 1972 Rev Reginald A. W. Haire
1972 - 1984 Rev A. M Lewis
1984 - Rev N. Lewis
1984 - 1989 Rev George Eliot Roper 1883 1947
1989 - 1990 Rev P. Anderson
1990 - 1991 Canon A. M Lewis
1991 - 1996 Rev P S. Roper
2023 - Rev Chris Talbot


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