Gretna, TAS - St Mary's Anglican (8100)

Year Built: 1848

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Mary

Address: 31 Church Road, Gretna, Tasmania, 7140

Last Updated: 18/08/2021

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History and Architecture:

Gretna was called Stoney Hut Plains and later The Woolpack after the Inn.

The Church was consecrated by Bishop Nixon on June 1st 1848 and the Minister and Chaplain of Macquarie Plains at the time was the Rev. William Tancred. Other clergy at the consecration were the Archdeacon Marriott and Rev. G. Wright, of Hamilton. At the service the late Mr. Edward Terry who was in thos days the owner of Askrigg Estate was presented with the deed of the land on which the Church stands. Although there is no record of the place used for Church services prior to the building of the Church, believed that people gathered for worship at "Askrigg".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1848 - 1849 Rev W Tancred
1849 - 1854 Rev W Hesketh
1855 - 1892 Rev T Garrard 1892
1892 - 1894 Rev R Turnbull
1894 - 1895 Rev A Wayn
1895 - 1902 Rev W. J. Dobson
1903 - 1908 Rev Walter Hooker 1870 1936
1908 - 1926 Rev F Thorpe 1926
1926 - 1928 Rev H Lansdell


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