Hobart, TAS - St David's Anglican Cathedral (7038)

Year Built: 1868

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: David

Address: Macquarie Street, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

Last Updated: 15/12/2021

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History and Architecture:

On 17 January 1862 St David's Cathedral and land on the corner of Murray and Macquarie Streets, Hobart was granted by the Crown to the Trustees of the Diocese of Tasmania.

The original church on this site is dated from 1817. The Church was named in memory of Governor David Collins who established Hobart in 1804. It was completed in 1823 and the steeple replaced in 1835. With the appointment of Bishop Nixon in 1842, St David's church became a cathedral. In 1865 Bishop Bromby advocated building a new cathedral and in 1868 Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh laid the foundation stone. Henry Hunter was appointed supervising architect and the building contractor was James Gregory. The nave was consecrated in 1874 and the bishop led a procession from the old St David's church next door into the new cathedral, after which the old church was demolished. The chancel, completed in 1893, was rebuilt in 1909 due to structural problems.

A stone Gothic Revival Cathedral by noted English architect George Frederick Bodley and built over 68 year period. The Foundation stone was laid on 8 January 1868 by HRH Prince Alfred the Duke of Edinburgh in the presence of Governor Thomas Gore Browne, Premier Sir Richard Dry.

Plans prepared by Bodley and sent from England in 1866. Plans were modified in 1867 and this is the second church on this site.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1872 - 1874 Rev Frederick Holdship Cox
1877 - 1884 Rev Henry Bodley Bromby
1878 - 1879 Canon Edward Patten Adams Honorary 1832 1894
1885 - 1896 Rev C. L Dundas
1889 - 1891 Rev Thomas Ghent Asst Curate 1862 1951
1897 - 1916 Rev J. B. Kite
1911 - 1911 Rev Edwin Allison Asst 1851 1916
1916 - 1919 Rev R S Hay
1920 - 1940 Rev Arthur Richard Rivers 1857 1940
1942 - 1958 Rev Harold Percy Fewtrell 1888 1969
1957 - 1957 Rev Kenneth Nash Reardon Asst C HT 2017
1959 - 1971 Rev E. M Webber
1972 - 1980 Rev Harlin Jones Butterley
1980 - 1983 Rev J. L Parsons
1984 - 1992 Dean Kenneth Nash Reardon
1993 - Rev S E. Blackler


Built in 1858 by Bishop & Starr of London.


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