Hobart, TAS - St John the Baptist Anglican (former)

Year Built: 1852

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: John the Baptist

Address: Corner Goulburn & Forest Road, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

Architect: George Edmund Street

Traditional Owners: Palawa people

Last Updated: 24/04/2023

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History and Architecture:

This former church is now a set of private residences.

A modest stone church in Gothic-Revival style set on irregular corner site, the major aspect of the building reveals an unusual occurrence in Gothic design - the building is visually very heavy, the result of a naturally steep site and creating a level across the contours.

The original church for this 1 parish was a small chapel built nearby in 1844. This later became the schoolroom for the church. In 1852 the foundation stone was laid for the new church and it was completed in 1856. In 1902 serious problems were evident in the foundations of the chancel. It was demolished and rebuilt, with extra height added, along with an organ chamber, a vestry and a council chamber in the crypt beneath.

Renowned London architect George Edmund Street provided the design for this church. He travelled throughout Europe, studying structures from the Middle Ages, and was influenced by the Gothic Revival style, of Augustus Pugin.

The Gothic style east-facing window has extensive stone tracery. A window in the north west corner was donated by a son of Governor George Arthur, and two other windows were given by the maidens of the parish. The roof of the chancel and octagonal organ chamber are slate, with tiles on the rest of the roof. Key features of this design are the high pointed roof of the nave and chancel, and many stained-glass memorial windows.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1866 - 1866 Rev Henry White Adams 1840 1902
1882 - 1882 Rev George Frederick Archer Asst 1848 1939
1917 - 1919 Rev Alfred Edwin Biggs Curate 1893 1974
1959 - 1969 Rev Lancelot Frederic Benjafiled 1902 1985
1970 - 1974 Rev Henry Allingham Jerrim 1916 2009


The first Organ was built in 1856 by James J. Pollard (combined pipe organ and harmonium). The second Organ, see: North Hobart. Uniting (formerly Methodist) Church, Swan Street. The third organ, see NSW. St John-the-Baphst Catholic Church, Bonnyrigg Heights.


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