Kadina, SA - Immanuel Lutheran (30234)

Year Built: 1959

Denomination: Lutheran

Address: Ewing Street, Kadina, South Australia, 5554

Last Updated: 30/09/2021

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History and Architecture:

The first service was held in the home of Mr F Fiedler and conducted by Pastor J Sabel in 1933. Later that year a congregation was formed. Services were moved to the Protestant Hall in 1945. This hall was later purchased renovated and dedicated on 23 September 1956.

This building was not sufficient and it was decided in 1959 a proposal was made to call tenders for a new church building. The architect was Mr N Drogemuller. The tender of Tretter and Friedrich of Adelaide was accepted in 1961 and the cost was to be 10,885.00. A total of 36,000 bricks wer used in its construction.

The Foundation stone was laid on 16 July 1961 by Pastor J.P.T. Sabel and the dedication service was held on 10 December 1961.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1933 - 1961 Pastor J.P.T. Sabel
1961 - 1966 Pastor L.P. Doecke LCA
1966 - 1971 Pastor R.F. Adler LCA
1972 - 1976 Pastor L.P. Graetz LCA
1984 - 1987 Pastor V.F.H Wenke LCA
1984 - 2000 Pastor W.F. Quast LCA
1988 - 1992 Pastor C.A. Bartel LCA
1992 - 1995 Pastor C.E. Schmidt LCA
1995 - 1999 Pastor C.I. George LCA
2000 - Pastor R.K. Turnbull LCA
2011 - Pastor Michael Ockwood LCA
2020 ? - Pastor Paul Hage LCA


An Electronic organ was installed in 1975.