Kapunda, SA - Uniting (30218)

Year Built: 1849

Denomination: Uniting

Address: Church Street, Kapunda, South Australia, 5373

Previous Denomination: Wesleyan Methodist

Last Updated: 19/11/2021

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History and Architecture:

The Church is of Gothic style and replaced a Chapel built behind it in the main street in 1849 and a still earlier (c 1845) hut at the mine. It was built as a Wesleyan Methodist church in 1858. The stone mason was Thomas Harding. A foundation stone was laid on 29 August 1894 and is set in the church wall.

The Church opened 25 December 1858, costing £1,970. The current Methodist manse (noteworthy for twelve paned double hung windows) was built in 1875. The tombstones set into paving in the embrasures of the Church, when the cemetery was destroyed, date back to 1848-52.

Principle facade symmetrical about main entrance porch and bell tower atop the gable to steeply pitched roof. Lancets above the porch, unusual design with half tallest lancet providing ventilation to roof space. Interior characterised by a gallery supported by cast iron Corinthian columns. The hall was built in 1884 at a cost of £750.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1918 - 1921 Rev John G Jenkin M
1921 - 1924 Rev Percy C.W. Eckersley M
1927 - 1929 Rev Gordon O.B. Rowe M
1936 - 1940 Rev Milton L Hopkins M
1941 - 1944 Rev Charles R Dadds M 1892 1968
1944 - 1948 Rev Louis R Barker M
1948 - 1952 Rev Francis Verdun Hansen M 1916 2009
1952 - 1954 Rev Milton L Hansen M
1957 - 1960 Rev James A Dawes M 2003
1960 - Rev Douglas A Jones M
2020 ? - Rev Voigt U


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