Kensington, WA - St Martin in the Field's Anglican (9005)

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Martin

Address: 54 Dyson Street, Kensington, Western Australia, 6151

Last Updated: 02/01/2021

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History and Architecture:

One of the prime movers behind the establishment of an Anglican Church in Kensington was Margaret Durbridge. After her death in 1925 her estate was bequeathed to provide finances for church activities in the Kensington area. Her estate (in Arlington Avenue, South Perth) was subdivided into eight residential lots. This helped to pay for the land on the corner of Dyson and Vista Streets.

Plans for the new church hall were prepared by People's Warden, C Hill, and the building was made possible by an interest free loan of 750. Although the area had been designated as brick only by the Road Board, Durbridge Hall, was constructed from weatherboard. On 4 May 1933, in the presence of 150 people the Archbishop dedicated the new building to be named Durbridge Hall after its benefactor.

A Foundation stone was laid on 14 Novemver 1953.


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2019 ? - Canon Joanne Baynes


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