Kilmore, VIC - St Andrew's Presyterian (Former)

Year Built: 1864

Denomination: Presbyterian

Saint: Andrew

Address: 3 Hamilton Street, Kilmore, Victoria, 3764

Architect: James Fleury

Architectural Style: Gothic Early English

Last Updated: 21/02/2024

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History and Architecture:

The earlier records of this congregation have been lost, but apparently services were held at irregular intervals in the old Mechanics' Hall. These services were conducted by Mr. Donald McInnes.At the first Annual Meeting of the congregation held in October, 1852, the erection of a Free Church in Kilmore was unanimously agreed to, and Mr. Robert Allan was asked to prepare plans and specifications. The site chosen was on the east side of the town. The foundation stone was laid in December, 1852, and in September, 1853, the completed Church was opened for Public Worship by the Rev. William Miller, of Knox's Church, Melbourne.

The current Church was built of bluestone standing on the western side of the town, was built in 1864 by those who went out from the parent Church at the time of the Rev. Andrew Maxwell's induction. It was known as St. Andrew's Church. In the previous year a Building Committee had been formed and a subscription list opened. The members of the congregation subscribed so liberally that in a few months the architect, Mr. Fleury, was asked to prepare plans. The first plans submitted were rejected as being too expensive.

On April 22, 1864, plans were again submitted to the managers and approved. Tenders were called for. The successful tenderer being Mr. James Proudfoot, senior. The following were members of the Building Committee:—Messrs. Reay Clarke, John McKenzie, Alexander Murray, John Murray, John Howden (senr.), and Henry Wilson. In 1865 the Church was opened for Public Worship.



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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
- 1851 Rev James Forbes 1851
1851 - 1855 Rev Hume 1855
1856 - Rev A. Maxwell 1866
1862 - 1862 Rev William Mitchell
1863 - 1866 Rev Donald Macrae
- 1872 Rev Meiklejohn
1873 - Rev Andrew Hardie
1878 - 1880 Rev D. S. Maxwell
1880 - 1904 Rev John Steele 1904
1904 - 1907 Rev Alexander Hardie
1907 - 1911 Rev C. A. Hunter
1911 - 1917 Rev William Agnew
1917 - 1921 Rev A. H. Tolhurst
1921 - 1925 Rev Alexander McLeod
1925 - Rev R. C. Fraser


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