Laura, SA - St John the Evangelist Anglican (30193)

Year Built: 1875

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: John

Address: 4 North Terrace, Laura, South Australia, 5480

Last Updated: 03/01/2021

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History and Architecture:

The town of Laura was surveyed in 1871 and in August 1873, the church acquired Blocks 1 and 3 at £17 Ten Shillings each; portion of Block I is still retained, thereon being erected the Church of St. John and the Parish Hall. The first known church of England service in Laura was conducted by the Rev. Hartley Williams, a missionary from Melrose, in a room at the Laura Hotel in August, 1873. Subsequently Mr Alfred Smith, a carpenter, set aside a room in his home for the use of visiting clergy and the holding of services.*

The foundation stone of the Church of St. John was laid on the 16th August, 1875 by Mrs. Sabine, wife of Thomas Frederick Sabine, a lay-reader and prominent businessman in the district.*

Specifications of the building were apparently drawn up by the contractors Messrs Hew and Shephard, contract price was £375 but possibly reached £500.*

Mr Melville Burgess of Laura, records that the stone for the church was quarried, carted and given by his grandfather, Levi Burgess, and his 6 sons. The pews were the gift of Mrs. Levi Burgess.*

The actual date the church was formally opened is not known but a letter from the Rev. Hartley Williams dated 2nd February, 1876 states - "The Bishop does not propose to visit the areas until March when he hopes to formally open the churches at Jamestown and Laura.*

The first marriage in St. John's was that of William Dack and Miss Bishop. On 9th January 1876, Mary Alice Ives, infant daughter of Henry and Harriet Ives Iron fitter of Pine Creek, was baptised.*


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1877 - 1880 Rev E. C Spicer
1880 - 1883 Rev James Hamilton Corvan 1843 1927
1883 - Rev W Leader
1884 - 1888 Rev R B Taylor
1881 - 1891 Rev Charles Kent
1891 - 1893 Rev A W. Clampett
1893 - Rev Francis W Harding
1894 - 1895 Rev Frederick Tower
1895 - 1902 Rev Arthur Green
1903 - 1904 Rev G S Ives
1905 - 1910 Rev T. Percy Wood
1910 - 1913 Rev D H. DeCas
1913 - 1916 Rev Stuart Williams
1916 - 1921 Rev E. J. Nash
1921 - 1930 Rev W Burvill
1930 - 1941 Rev Ernest Stuart North 1865 1947
1941 - 1942 Rev R F Steele
1942 - 1944 Rev Forrest Sale
1944 - 1960 Rev Sidney H Davies
1960 - 1965 Rev Ian Barlow
1965 - 1971 Canon Karl Luders
1971 - Canon N. Shelby-James


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The Church of St John the Evangelist 1875 - 1975 SA 283.94232P1831975