Mackay, QLD - Holy Trinity Anglican (50256)

Year Built: 1926

Denomination: Anglican

Address: Gordon Street, Mackay, Queensland, 4740

Traditional Owners: Yuwibara people

Architect: Lange Leopold Powell

Last Updated: 17/09/2022

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History and Architecture:

The first Church of England service in Mackay was conducted by Bishop Tufnell at the Mackay Court House in 1863. The first Trinity church was completed in 1871 of an English design with a steeply pitched roof covered with wood shingles. It was built of stone but collapsed in 1878 possibly because of a defect in the foundations.

The second Holy Trinity Church was designed by the Queensland Colonial Architect, F D G Stanley, who supplied the plans free of charge. The building was constructed of wood, and was of a Gothic design with a steeply pitched roof covered with shingles, sited on the southern side of the grounds and capable of holding a congregation of 500. This Church was fitted with a pipe organ, an altar of carved English oak, and carved oak rails in memory of prominent people with strong associations with Holy Trinity Parish.

The Church was constructed as the third church on the site and the first masonry church. The building was completed in 1926 by A Stonage and Sons, although the design is thought to have been completed by 1923 by Brisbane architect Lange Powell.

A Foundation stone reads, " To the Glory of God this Foundation stone of the Church of the Holy Trinity was laid by Gerald Archbishop of Brisbane on the Twenty fifth day of July AD 1925".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1891 - 1900 Rev William Abel Turner 1858 1938
1883 - 1886 Rev Ernest Augustus Anderson 1859 1945
1908 - 1911 Rev Francis De Moag Tubman 1877
1902 - Rev Frederick Greenfield Ward Lay Reader 1876 1963
1881 - 1882 Rev Christopher George Barlow Curate 1858 1915
1882 - Rev William Frederick Clark Kennedy Curate 1856 1937
1888 - 1890 Rev George Edward Goodall Dainty Curate 1860 1932
1910 - 1915 Rev Robert Alexander Burnett Curate 1878 1962
1912 - 1914 Rev Edward Travis Crozier 1867 1940
1916 - 1922 Rev John Ivan Spenser Butterworth Curate 1892 1968
1919 - 1927 Rev Fortescue Leo Ash 1882 1956
1922 - 1926 Rev Ray Stanley Campbell Curate 1894 1965
1933 - 1936 Rev Walter Bryan Ward 1906 1989
1933 - 1939 Archdeacon Montague D'Arcy Collins 1889 1959
1945 - 1948 Rev Leonard Campbell Bailey Curate 1910 1978
1951 - 1952 Rev Leonard Campbell Bailey Curate 1910 1978


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