Magill, SA - St George's Anglican (30359)

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: George

Address: 43 St Bernards Road, Magill, South Australia, 5072

Last Updated: 03/01/2021

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History and Architecture:

The land on which the Church was built was given by John Finlay Duff, Captain of the Barque Africaine.

The Church has the distinction of being the first Anglican Church consecrated in the colony of South Australia. It was performed by Bishop Augustus Short on 30 January 1848, within weeks of his arrival in South Australia.

The foundation stone was laid on the 18th of January 1847 by the wife of Frederick Bayne Esq. of Stradbroke. The Church yard was laid out in 1857.

The original building was completed in one year at a cost of £280, all from private subscription. Nearby creeks of Magill provided cobblestones to build its walls, and the beams and timbers for its roof are of pit sawn Blue Gum.

The associated lynch gate was designed by F Kenneth Milne and erected in 1952 by descendents of Dr Christopher Penfold.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1847 - 1850 Rev T P Wilson
1850 - 1851 Rev F Platt
1851 - 1863 Rev Edmund King Miller 1820 1911
1864 - 1872 Rev T R Neville
1872 - 1909 Canon Alfred Honner
1909 - 1914 Rev Harvey Langford Ebbs 1875 1947
1914 - 1922 Rev John Thomas Phair 1870 1953
1922 - Rev J. A. Rowell
1969 - 1978 Rev Thomas Vincent Jones
1981 - 1985 Rev A. W. Linton Asst
1978 - 1985 Rev W. J. Chittelborough
1990 - Rev Fiora Elizabeth Austin Asst 1952
2015 - Rev Paul Hunt


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