Mardan, VIC - Scot's Presbyterian Ecumenical

Year Built: 1911

Denomination: Presbyterian

Address: Mardan Road South, Mardan, Victoria, 3953

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 05/01/2023

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History and Architecture:

The first church was erected in 1890.

Today's church was built in 1911 by George Gardner. Its of Victorian Carpenter Gothic Church style with a gable roof and a small projecting porch with side doors at the west and an off centre gabled vestry with a chimney at the rear. It has lancet windows in the nave and notable stepped half height timber buttresses defining three bays of the nave. The vestry has a fireplace at the end with a Federation chimney cap. Gable end frame cross bars are still in place, suggesting further detail has been removed. Later Health Department vents have been located along the ridge.

A corrugated iron building of unclear function and age is located at right angles to the church at the north west corner.

The church was opened on Easter Sunday, 16 April 1911.

The new Church, which cost over 450, replaced the first Church on this site that was erected in 1890 and continued its important role as a community meeting place until the Mardan South Public Hall was built in 1912. Until 1924, the Church was used for Anglican services on alternate Sundays.

The Church was closed in 1993 and then sold in 1994 to the present owner who, after restoring the building, re-opened it in 2000 for community use including ecumenical services


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