Marion, SA - Methodist Wesleyan Chapel (30126)

Year Built: 1867

Denomination: Methodist

Address: Township Road, Marion, South Australia, 5043

Last Updated: 03/01/2021

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History and Architecture:

The first Methodist service was held in the home of Henry and Ann Shearing. Henry donated the land the church is built on. The front 16 feet was added in 1867.

The foundation stone was laid on 15 July 1862 and the opening ceremony occurred on 14 December 1862, led by the Reverend Mr Watsford.

In 1911 the Church was completely renovated and an acetylene gas lighting plant installed. The Church celebrated its Jubilee on 3 March 1912 and the Centenary was celebrated in 1962.

The Church was restored in 1988.


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