Melba, ACT - Uniting

Year Built: 1973

Denomination: Uniting

Address: Kingsford Smith Drive, Melba, Australian Capital Territory, 2615

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Ngunnawal people

Last Updated: 11/04/2023

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History and Architecture:

Services began in March 1973 at the Melba Primary School as a joint venture with local Anglicans and Non Conformists. This association was dissolved in 1982. By 1989 the new Parish Centre was under construction and was completed the following year.*


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1974 - 1980 Rev G Bridge
1980 - 1990 Rev D. Tieman
1990 - 1996 Rev N. Reid
1994 - 1997 Rev D Quilty
1996 - Rev K. Caulton
2010 - Rev Colin Bradford
2023 - Rev Andrew Jaco


In 1988 a Leggo Organ was dismantled in the old Singleton Methodist church and relocated to the Melba Church.*


Melba Memories, recollections of 25 years edited by Christine Weir. SLT 287.93099471 M46W