Melbourne, VIC - CrossCulture Church of Christ

Year Built: 1847

Denomination: Church of Christ

Address: Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

Previous Denomination: Presbyterian

Architect: Charles Webb

Architectural Style: Gothic Early English

Traditional Owners: Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung & Bunurong Boon Wurrung people

Last Updated: 21/02/2024

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History and Architecture:

A Church has occupied this site since 1847. The present building has associations with the early history of the Free Presbyterian Church in Victoria(1863), particularly with the Reverend James Forbes. Its architect, Charles Webb, was very important in nineteenth century Melbourne. His works include several Churches, of which this is notable example. Form and composition are typical of the Gothic Revival in Victoria. Arcading and mouldings around the front door and the tracery to the west window are interesting features.

The building of John Knox Free Presbyterian Church, Swanston Street was opened 8 May 1848 on the corner with Little Lonsdale Street and with frontage to that street. The John Knox School began in the building on 3 July 1848 with T.J. Everist as teacher. Within a year there were 120 students and an adjoining brick building came into use in August 1850. The congregation erected a two-storey manse next door to the church in Swanston Street late in 1850. The church was reconstructed in 1863 and re-opened by Rev William McIntyre 26 July of that year.

The form of Charles Webb's rendered brick church, with slate roof, is typical of the Gothic Revival in Victoria. Early English in style, buttresses divide the nave of the church into six bays, each containing a simple lancet window. Most of the decoration of the elaborate front facade is concentrated on the central section, which incorporates a traceried window above an entrance of receding orders, flanking octagonal turrets and a pierced parapet.-

October 22 1865 is the starting date of this Church. The congregation first met in Manchester Unity Hall now occupied by UniLodge. In 1883 the Church leased the John Knox Church (the current Chapel). From this they raised up 4500 to purchase the building. This was the humble beginnings of what was then known as Swanston Street Church of Christ.

The church also had contacts with overseas Asian Students as early as 1961. From 1964 onwards, there were an increasing number of overseas students attending Swanston Street Church of Christ.

Now called CrossCulture Church of Christ (formerly Swanston Street Church of Christ) it is not just a church in the heart of Melbourne. It is a church that has the city and the world on her heart. The church's ministry is making an impact on Asia and other parts of the world. Hundreds of overseas students who have received their Christian training whilst in Australia are making vital contributions to their home churches.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1863 - Pastor William McIntyre P
1891 - 1896 Pastor A. M. Ludbrook
1896 - 1899 Pastor G. B. Moysey
1900 - 1903 Pastor J. Johnson
1903 - 1905 Pastor A. M. Meldrum
1906 - 1910 Pastor C. M. Gordon
1911 - 1914 Pastor W. H. Allen
1914 - 1916 Pastor J. J. Franklyn
1916 - 1921 Pastor W. B. Blackemore
1921 - 1923 Pastor H. Kingsbury
1923 - 1926 Pastor J. E. Shipway
1927 - 1928 Dr J. L. Brandt
1928 - 1931 Pastor G. E. Moore
1931 - 1932 Pastor C. C. Dawson
1933 - 1939 Pastor T. H. Scrambler
1939 - 1942 Pastor A. A. Hughes
1942 - 1947 Pastor C. B. Kivell
1943 - 1944 Pastor J. E. Thomas Interim
1943 - 1944 Pastor A. Brooke Interim
1947 - 1964 Pastor Keith A. Macnaughton
1964 - 1971 Dr Lloyd E. Jones
1967 - 1968 Pastor John Tudor
1970 - 1995 Pastor Allan Webb Senior Pastor
1975 - Pastor Robert Ferguson
1976 - 1983 Pastor Bruce Morton
1981 - 1982 Pastor Ray Haverfield
1982 - 1984 Pastor Jonathan James
1985 - 1987 Pastor Alan Baker Acting Senior 95-97
1985 - 1993 Pastor Peter Wakeley
1991 - 1993 Pastor Calvin Ma
1993 - 1997 Pastor Doug Carr
1994 - 2000 Pastor Mark Lim
1994 - 2001 Pastor Ray Haverfield
1997 - 2004 Pastor Jonathan Anthony
1998 - 2002 Pastor David McGrouther Senior Pastor
2001 - 2004 Pastor Beng Wong
2000 - 2008 Pastor Greg Craanen
2004 - 2008 Pastor Christ Ngo
2004 - 2008 Pastor Ian Hawley Senior Pastor
2009 - 2012 Pastor Mike Kirkpatrick
2003 - 2014 Pastor Rob Keller Senior Pastor
2005 - 2014 Pastor Symon Pratt
2010 - 2015 Pastor Nathan Malpass
2004 - 2016 Pastor Alan Baker
2008 - Pastor Lou Di Lorenzo
2014 - 2021 Pastor Abrahm Gunn
2014 - Pastor Sam Reeve Current Senior Pastor
2015 - Pastor Teck Yu Lau


The first organ was built by B. W.G.Vowles, of Bristol in the UK.


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