Meningie, SA - St Luke's Lutheran

Year Built: 1958

Denomination: Lutheran

Saint: Luke

Address: West Terrace, Meningie, South Australia, 5264

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 24/01/2023

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History and Architecture:

Lutheran services in the area go back to 1931 when Pastor T.G. Obst held services in a private home in Narrung. Services were also held in Wood Well. By the 1950's services were held in the Anglican church by Pastor Leo Doecke. On 5 May 1957 it was decided at a meeting to form a separate ELCA congregation from that of the Tailem Bend congregation.

In 1958 it was decided to tender for the former Methodist church on the Princes Highway. The tender of 650.00 was accepted. On 22 February 1959 the church was dedicated.

The Foundation stone was laid on 26 February 1984 by Pastor C.I. Koch. By 1987 the wooden floor needed to be replaced due to wood rot. A cement floor was laid in the following year.

In 1974 refurbishments were needed and by the following year an organ had been installed however by 1978 a new home was needed. The Welk building at the end of West Terrace was purchased. Originally a fish factory a local Architect student, James Riddell accepted the challenge to design a new church within the confines of the present building. By 1983 his plans were accepted and local contractors Wyatt Constructions were the builders. With an Organ loft fitted and four separate internal rooms the church could see 200.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1934 - 1936 Pastor A. R. Schirmer IM
1936 - 1943 Pastor T. C. Backen IM
1944 - 1945 Pastor R. O. Schumacher IM
1956 - 1960 Pastor Walter John Hoopmann IM 1918 2009
1956 - 1966 Pastor L. P. Doecke UELCA
1959 - 1966 Pastor H. Stiller UELCA
1960 - 1966 Pastor M. D. Rudolph UELCA
1967 - 1969 Pastor T. T. Reuther UELCA
1969 - 1974 Pastor J. K. Wilksch UELCA
1974 - 1980 Pastor I E. Kleinig LCA
1981 - 1987 Pastor B. C. Tscharke LCA
1988 - 1993 Pastor N. M. Wurst LCA
1994 - 1996 Pastor R. M. Hupfield LCA
1996 - Pastor Terry R. Natt LCA


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