Merimbula, NSW - St Joseph's Catholic

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: Joseph

Address: 79 Main Street, Merimbula, New South Wales, 2548

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 18/08/2022

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History and Architecture:

Father Patrick Slattery was appointed to the Eden district in 1865 and Wyndham was one of his areas of service where he held Mass in the homes of the Love or Power families. It was not till 1897 that the contract to build a wooden church was let to J.Koerber and the work was completed in 1898. The Schafer family donated the picture of the Sacred Heart which still hangs above the altar.”

Until 1962 the village of Merimbula was without a church. St Joseph's Church was opened and blessed by the Most Reverend J Cullinane D.D. in December 1963 and was extended in the 1980's.

A Foundation stone reads, " Blessed and opened by Most Rev J. Cullinane D.D. Auxiliary Bishop on 22nd November 1963. Rev D. Fitzgerald P.P.".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1843 - 1850 Father Michael Kavanagh based in Queanbeyan
1851 - 1857 Father Henry Garnett Based in Moruya 1888
1857 - 1865 Father Patrick Birch 1914
1865 - 1875 Father Patrick Slattery 1908
1963 - Father D. Fitzgerald
2013 - Father James T. Antony
2021 - Father Pale Leota


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