Minlaton, SA - St Andrew's Lutheran

Year Built: 1958

Denomination: Lutheran

Saint: Andrew

Address: Maitland Road, Minlaton, South Australia, 5575

Architect: Gilbert Walker

Traditional Owners: Adjahdura people

Last Updated: 24/01/2023

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History and Architecture:

The first records of Lutheran services were recorded on the York Peninsula in the 1870's. In 1882 a Mr Johann Golthilf Bothe moved in to the area and built a Lutheran church on his property which was several miles north of the cemetery. Prior to this, services were held in several private homes including Schwarz's Farm. By March 19 1882 the church was dedicated.

When the Bothe family moved to Victoria services continued to be held in private homes and also at the Mt Rat Wells Church of England church.

There were two arms of Lutherans in Minlaton. The Trinity Congregation ELCA which held services in the Baptist church until 1949. The St Peters congregation UELCA was formed in 1957.

By 1955 the Trinity congregation decided to build a church. With the St Peters ULCA joining forces with the Trinity group a combined group was formed in in 1957.

The Foundation stone of a new church was laid on 2 March 1958. The Architect was Mr Gilbert Walker of Adelaide who designed a New England style church 58 x 27 at a cost of 6,500.00. This design had its origins in the US. A Hall was opened on 30 April 1978.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1947 - 1948 Pastor F. W. Noack ELCA
1948 - 1953 Pastor H. C. Mattiske ELCA
1953 - 1960 Pastor T. P. Harms ELCA
1960 - 1965 Pastor E. R. Blaess ELCA
1965 - 1966 Pastor A. P.H. Freund ELCA
1967 - 1972 Pastor V. H. Schubert LCA
1972 - 1978 Pastor J. N.L. Luhrs LCA
1979 - 1987 Pastor P. G. Welke LCA
1987 - 1992 Pastor T. C. Koch LCA
1993 - Pastor W. P. Heidrich LCA
2011 - Pastor Stephen Jaensch LCA


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