Mt Barker, SA - St Mark's Lutheran

Year Built: 1976

Denomination: Lutheran

Saint: Mark

Address: 27 Hampden Street, Mt Barker, South Australia, 5251

Architect: Norman Drogemuller

Traditional Owners: Peramangk & Kaurna people

Last Updated: 27/04/2024

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History and Architecture:

The church first commenced its existence as an outreach project from Hahndorf with it first service held on 15 December in the Founders room of the local Mechanics Institute. During 1958 discussions were held with the Home Mission Committee to establish a properly constituted congregation. Also it was decided the Founders room at the local Institute was not conducive to church services so the local Presbyterians were approached. They offered their church it

Land was purchased in 1959 on Albert Road from a Miss Davis for 1,250.00 and another for 500.00 but it was soon that both were unsuitable. Mrs Coral Stephenson offered a block in Hampden Street and this was duly taken up in 1961. By 1962 tenders were called and the tender of G. O'Malley of Charleston was accepted. The cost was to be $11,000 which included a hall (stage 1), church and manse.

The Church Hall was opened on 18 November 1962. The Manse was built in 1964. By 1975 it was decided an extension to the current church was required and Architect Mr Norman Drogemuller was engaged who suggested a new separate church would be best. Tenders were called and Mr T Shedrick's quote was accepted. The Foundation stone was laid on 8 August 1976. Carpet was ordered from England and arrived one day prior to the opening of the church on 12 December 1976.


This list may not contain every serving cleric, past or present, for this church.
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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1958 - 1961 Pastor Leo Paul Doecke UELCA
1961 - 1967 Pastor Gerhard Ernest Prove UELCA 1926 2005
1967 - 1971 Pastor Elmore Norman Zweck LCA 1906 1997
1971 - 1972 Pastor Gordon Wilfred Mibus LCA 1930 2019
1973 - 1979 Pastor Frank Herbert Eckert LCA 1922 2007
1979 - 1979 Pastor Daniel Christian Overduin LCA 1929 1992
1979 - 1988 Pastor Martin Neville Kriewaldt LCA
1988 - 1994 Pastor Vincent Adrain Gerhardy LCA
1995 - 2004 Pastor Robert John Wiebusch LCA 1938 2020
2006 - 2012 Pastor Peter Hage LCA
2014 - 2017 Pastor Stephen J. Van Der Hoek LCA
2017 - 2023 Pastor Ben C. Pfeiffer LCA


The Organ was built in 1891 by Alfred Fuller for Congregational Church, Walpole Street, Kew, Vic. It had 3m, 19spst, 4c, tr. Gt: Sw: Ch: Ped: 16.16. It was rebuilt in 1962 by Hill Norman & Beard. It had 2m, 17spst, 9c, Rebuilt and installed in present location in 1976-77 by R.L. Waters. It has 2m, 17spst, 9c, el.mag. Gt: Sw: Ped: The old organ was donated to the Bridgewater church.


1. Lutheran Archives with permission.
2. Organ Historical Trust of Australia with permission.