Mt Eliza, VIC - St James the Less Anglican

Year Built: 1865

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: James

Address: 105 Koetong Parade, Mt Eliza, Victoria, 3930

Architect: William Grover

Traditional Owners: Bunurong people

Last Updated: 19/04/2023

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History and Architecture:

The Church was designed by William Grover. Constructed in brick, and painted white, on stone foundations, in the Norman style, it includes a short nave, porch and chancel, added in 1913. The first service was held in 1866 by the Rev Thomas Abraham, the vicar at Mornington.

The site was given by a Captain Edward Lintott. A committee was formed, money raised, and an architect appointed. Clay for the bricks came from the site of Peninsula School. A Foundation stone on the first church reads, " To the glory of God this Memorial stone was laid by Mrs Sarah Sumner on March 15 1913, David Stewart builder James A Wood Architect".

In 2000, the church and the altar paintings were heritage listed. The church’s stained glass window was designed by Leonard French.

The 0. T. Gibson Window is situated at the porch end Windows of the North wall, and was the first of four stained glass windows erected in the Church in recenthee years. It depicts a decorated cross and was given in memory of late Oswald James Gibson who died 2nd August, 1954.

The J. O. Watt Window is the centre window on the North wall and is a memorial to the late James Oswald Watt, a master printer, Tower Road, and who was very well who lived for many years in Town known and respected in the community. This colourful window, like the one in the porch, is also from the Orval Studio and both demonstrate the modern trend in the making of leaded windows. Formerly, colour was applied to clear glass and later fused into its surface by the application of heat whereas some of the glass in this window and in the St. James window shows that colour is in-corporated into the glass during the course of its manufacture. The subject of this window is "The Good Samaritan".

The Next Tablet is a simple memorial commemorating a well known parishioner and benefactress and reads: To the Glory of God and in memory of Beverley Rand Watt 1910 - 1961 "The memory of the Just is Blessed" The Canterbury Stones.

The new church has a foundation stone that reads, "This stone was laid by Archbishop Sir Frank Woods on 27 September 1986 AD".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1861 - 1869 Rev J Glover
1964 - Rev Charles Miles
1869 - Rev Thomas Abraham 1842 1907
1873 - 1875 Rev T Campbell
1875 - 1888 Rev Thomas Quinton 1847 1935
1888 - 1889 Rev A Stackhouse
1889 - 1896 Rev B White
1896 - 1908 Rev J Wood
1908 - 1919 Rev S Sandiford
1919 - 1927 Rev G Aikin
1927 - 1936 Rev E E Gason
1936 - 1946 Rev H Watson
1946 - 1950 Rev Francis Alfred Ray 1880 1950
1950 - 1958 Rev G Hall
1958 - 1964 Rev Albert Edward Bellamy 1902 1970
1964 - 1970 Rev C. R Miles
1970 - 1981 Rev Alexander Charles Hamilton Crigan 1922 2016
2016 - Rev Jennie Savage


The organ was built in 1873 by George Fincham for Christ Church Anglican Church, Echuca and was the earliest known pipe organ in northern Victoria. It was moved to St Anselm's Anglican Church, Middle Park in 1922. Later installed in St Silas' Anglican Church, Albert Park and in 2001 and moved to its present location in 2005 by Laurie Pipe Organs.
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1. The story of the old Church, St James the Less Mt Eliza.
2. Organ Historical Trust of Australia with permission.