Murray Bridge, SA - Christ Church Lutheran (30023)

Year Built: 1882, 1938

Denomination: Lutheran

Address: Swanport Road, Murray Bridge, South Australia, 5254

Last Updated: 02/01/2021

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History and Architecture:

The first Lutheran services were held in 1882 in a shed used by railway construction employees. This continued until 1884 when Mr F.W. Jaench offered a room in his home. He later sold a piece of his land for a church and an even further offer was made by Johann Gottlob Jaensch who subsidsed 10 shillings for every 1.00 raised.

The original church was built in 1896. The new church was designed by the architect Dean Berry. Its cost (£4,700) was paid for by the efforts of the con-gregation, including a large gift from Mrs. ·Bertha Gehrike, following in the steps of her father, Gottlob Jaensch, "who did for the first church what she did for the second one." The contractors were Wilckens and Burnside of Norwood, who constructed the limestone and brick church during 1938. The official opening was held on 27th November, 1938.

The foundation stone of a new church was laid on 13 December 1895. The church was built of limestone erected in 1896 and opened on 17 May 1896. The bell was installed in 1897 and the organ in 1907 at a cost of 120.00. Extensions and renovation were carried out in 1921 and 1930 with a church hall being erected in 1936.

By 1937 it was decided a new church building was needed. Architect Mr Dean Berry was engaged. A local, Mrs Gehrike offered 800.00 towards its construction. The contractor was Wilckens and Burnside of Norwood and the total cost was 3,885.00. The foundation stone was laid on 29 May 1938 and was opened on 27 November 1938.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1882 - 1922 Pastor L. E. Kuss IS
1922 - 1956 Pastor J G.C. Doehler UELCA
1957 - 1969 Pastor H Stiller UELCA
1969 - 1972 Pastor J. E. Materne LCA
1970 - 1973 Pastor A. W. Podlich LCA
1974 - 1992 Pastor P H Proeve LCA
1986 - 1988 Pastor T J. Gerschwitz LCA
1989 - 1994 Pastor D J. Schmidt LCA
1993 - 2000 Pastor R N Strelan LCA
2019 ? - Pastor Tim Koxh


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