Newnham, TAS - St Barnabas Anglican (8062)

Year Built: 1906

Denomination: Anglican

Address: 17 George Town Road, Newnham, Tasmania, 7248

Last Updated: 07/04/2021

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History and Architecture:

Now known as All Saint's or Barney's.

The land, was purchased for £25 from Mr. J. C. McMichael. Tenders were called for the building of a structure to serve the purpose of hall and church. It was natural that, from the applicants, the tender of J. and T. Gunn was accepted.

The plans for the modest weatherboard St. Barnabas only allowed for an expenditure of about £300, compared with the £5,700 project of Holy Trinity seven years before, but to the parishioners of Newnham their church would be equal in splendour and importance. The new seats cost £20 and the Mason and Hamilton organ was £40. Lamps. The prayer desk and reading desk came from the old Trinity Church, a building condemned by the City Surveyor in 1888 and which saw its last service three years before the foundation stone was laid at St. Barnabas.

The St. Barnabas Bell was presented by Mr W. Thelwell. It was originally housed in a wooden tower, detached from the church building. The tone of the bell was created by a quantity of silver, including coins, being collected by Mr. Thelwell from many friends and cast into the molten mass before the bell was moulded.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1854 - 1857 Rev George Banks Smith 1826 1902
1859 - Rev A Barkway
1893 - 1921 Rev E Barry
1921 - 1923 Rev E. A. Salisbury
1924 - 1935 Rev William Witt Gregson
1935 - 1956 Rev Frederick Henry Lansdell 1891 1974
1956 - 1963 Rev J Atkins
1964 - 1966 Rev M Stanton
1966 - Rev J A. Senior


The Mason and Hamilton organ cost £40.


1. Church of St Barnabas Newnham, Tasmania LSC P 283.9461 SAI