Rosedale, SA - Trinity Lutheran (30175)

Year Built: 1860

Denomination: Lutheran

Address: 507 Rosedale Road, Rosedale, South Australia, 3847

Last Updated: 03/01/2021

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History and Architecture:

During the first two years, services were held in the barn of Vater Peutscher, opposite the old cemetery.

The Rosenthal Lutheran Congregation was formed in 1850 by Pastor E Meyer of Bethany.

A small church was built of sun dried bricks in 1852; this was replaced by the present church in 1860 and the tower added in 1910.  It is a simple rendered hall church with square tower and spire attached to the front. The hall section has been  rendered and lined, but the tower  retains its face bluestone and red brick  dressings and quoins.

The church of was first called St Martin, but is now known as Trinity. It was dedicated in 1860.  Division soon after led to the formation of a second church, St John’s, that was to coexist for the next 40 years.

The cemetery retains some early graves and continues in use. Behind the Church is the State Heritage Registered Schuster House.



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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1849 - 1855 Pastor H A.E. Mayer
1855 - 1897 Pastor P J. Oster ELSA 1830 1897
1899 - 1904 Pastor J M.R. Ey II ELSA 1870 1904
1905 - 1956 Pastor J W. Georg ELSA
1957 - 1962 Pastor S P Schwarz ELSA
1963 - 1968 Pastor E C.V. Mackenzie ELSA
1969 - 1973 Pastor T G. Obst LCA
1973 - 1980 Pastor E. C Hempel LCA
1980 - 1987 Pastor J. G. Bryan LCA
1987 - 1992 Pastor J Jormakka LCA
1993 - 2000 Pastor G N Zweck LCA
2000 - Pastor P B. Hage LCA
2019 - Pastor Peter Ziersch LCA


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