Sandgate, QLD - St Margaret's Anglican

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Margaret

Address: 58 Rainbow Street, Sandgate, Queensland, 4017

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Turrbal people

Last Updated: 26/10/2022

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History and Architecture:

Early maps around 1875 show that land was But, in the name of the 'Church of England' Bounded to the north by Signal Row and on either side by Yundah Street and Friday St. A large portion of the land to the west of Friday St. was shown as low lying and swampy.

It is recorded that the first Anglican Service in Sandgate was in a slab built shed, situated about 50 yards west of Yundah St, in Kate Street. It is surmised that the first sermon may have been preached by the Rev. J Sutton in October 1871. He was in office at this time and his charge included Nundah, Aspley and Bald Hills.

The first movement recorded for a church refers to a meeting in October 1871 with the then Chief Justice. Sir James Cockle in the chair, After separation of Queensland from New South Wales in 1859, State Police had been established and Police were stationed at Sandgate. A deal was made by the Government of the day to allocate land on an area set aside for a School at Sandgate in the vicinity of Rainbow Street, in exchange for an acre of land Yundah Street, where it was intended to erect a Police Station. Subsequently a church was built in the Yundah St-Signal Row-Friday St area, called St Nicolas, and opened by Bishop Hale on the 7.12.1880. It was 35 ft long by 18ft wide, only a portion of dimensions to which the building was to ultimately grow.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1873 - 1875 Rev James Samuel Hassell Mission 1823 1904
1879 - 1883 Rev William Locke 1842 1908
1886 - 1901 Canon James Matthews
1902 - 1905 Rev Edward Oerton
1905 - 1912 Rev Joseph Wilson Henry 1845 1917
1912 - 1915 Rev Alexander Maxwell
1915 - 1917 Rev Edward Rooke Locum 1851 1919
1917 - 1926 Rev Stephen Baggaley 1876 1949
1926 - 1928 Rev Charles Christopher Compton
1928 - 1942 Rev Arthur McDonald Hassell 1873 1953
1942 - 1973 Rev John Colin Clunn Thomson 1902 1983
1974 - 1981 Rev Francis John Diacon
1981 - 1982 Rev Baden Charles Wynn
1982 - Rev Gordon James Petersen


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