Shelford, VIC - Presbyterian (Former)

Year Built: 1859

Denomination: Presbyterian

Address: Mercer Street, Shelford, Victoria, 3329

Architect: J. L. Shaw

Architectural Style: Gothic Early English

Last Updated: 22/02/2024

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History and Architecture:

Initial services were provided to Shelford from the Geelong circuit of the Primitive Methodists.

In September 1865 tenders were called for the construction of a Primitive Methodist church. It appears that the tender was not proceeded with, as tenders were again called on the 15th September 1869.

Tenders for a stone church were to be lodged with the Rev. H. Richardson at Inverleigh. Although the church was completed in 1869, it was not officially opened until Sunday 26th March 1870 when services were conducted by the Rev. Robert Allen of Geelong.

Erected in 1859 to the design of Geelong architect J L Shaw. Constructed of coursed bluestone in a rudimentary Early English Gothic style dominated by a western centrally placed tower.

Internally,the virtues of 19th century Presbyterian austerity as reflected in the unornamented windows (apart from the Christian Waller‐ designed stained glass memorial window to Captain John Biddlecombe, introduced in 1931),plain hard plastered walls, timber floor and central aisle flanked by timber pews.

The church was erected on land either part of the estate “Golf Hill” or donated to the church by the property owner, George Russell of “Golf Hill”.  George Russell was an early pioneer into Victoria, initially part of the Clyde Company.*

As of 2022 the Church was up for sale.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1847 - Rev Thomas Hastie
1854 - 1882 Rev Archibald Simpson
1870 - Rev Robert Allen Locum
1883 - 1887 Rev Alexander Stewart
1888 - 1891 Rev Hugh McLeod Burns
2020 - Rev Surendra Wesley


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1. Fiona East (née Russell)*


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