Snowtown, SA - Uniting

Year Built: 1909

Denomination: Uniting

Address: 15 Railway Terrace West, Snowtown, South Australia, 5520

Previous Denomination: Methodist

Architect: C.H. Colhan

Traditional Owners: Ngadjuri, Kaurna people

Last Updated: 12/04/2023

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History and Architecture:

Formerly a Methodist Church the Architect was C.H. Colhan. The first church foundation stone was laid on New Year's Day, 1880 by Mrs Gavin Freebairn of Condowie. It was completed several months later with many local people assisting the builder Mr W.H. Hall and making donations of materials:

The Foundation stone of the current church was laid on 9 June 1909 by Joseph Turner Esq JP.*

Towards the end of 1879, the Rev Bullock called a meeting of the pioneers to discuss the provision of a building for the growing congregation. It was duly decided to build a church In the town and trustees were appointed. The first trustees were Messrs H. Stevens, J. Andrews, J. Young, R. Best, J. Tate, R. Hancock, G. Freebairn and R. Hall. Many of the descendants of these pioneers are still involved in the life of the Church and Parish today. The trust's first action was to purchase allotment 58 in Fourth Street as the site for the new Church building.*

The Snowtown Methodist Church circuit now comprised Snowtown, Condowie, Salt Lake and Barunga with the minister residing at Snowtown.

Sometime after 1880, the first manse was built next to the church at No. 34 Fourth Street. This manse was first occupied by Rev. Frank Bullock's successor, Rev. R.C. Yeoman. Nothing remains of this manse, as it was demolished in later years and a pre-fabricated dwelling erected on the site. In 1887, another manse was built in Fourth Street at No. 21.*

The church celebrated its Jubilee on 7 July 1929 when the President of the Conference Rev W. A. Dunn preached to the congregation. Celebrations continued on the following Monday and Tuesday.

Special music was rendered by the choir under the guidance of Mr. Milton Stevens, with Mrs E. Windham at the organ. Soloists were Mesdames B. Thomas. T. Jenkins, and Mr. Milton Stevens. At the morning service Mr J. Porter Turner unveiled a communion rail and table in memory of his father, Mr Joseph Turner, who was closely associated with the church for many years. Mrs J. Sinclair, of Adelaide, dedicated a lectern in honour of her parents, Mr and Mrs Henry Stevens, who were among the pioneers of Methodism in Snowtown. At the afternoon service the Rev. L. M. Humphrey presented Misses Dorothy Rashleigh and Edna Taylor with a hymn book each for the most regular at tendance at the morning service.*

The Methodist Girls comradeship club was formed in 1927 by Mrs Humphery wife of the then Minister. Membership was sixpence, all girls had to wear white and give a password to enter gatherings.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1879 - 1880 Rev F Bullock M
1880 - 1883 Rev R C Yeoman M
1883 - 1884 Rev G Varley M
1884 - 1885 Rev H Mason M
1885 - 1887 Rev C. Tresise M
1927 - 1931 Rev Louis Morton Humphery M.A. - more details M 1894 1970
1887 - 1890 Rev W. T. Penrose M
1890 - 1893 Rev J Richards M
1893 - 1898 Rev Samuel Clark Mugford M 1862 1942
1898 - 1901 Rev C. E Schafer M 1868 1941
1901 - 1904 Rev J McIntosh M
1904 - 1905 Rev C Doley M
1905 - 1907 Rev J Williams M
1907 - 1909 Rev R Crump M
1931 - 1933 Rev C Doley M
1933 - 1936 Rev A Dyer M
1936 - 1938 Rev W. G. Allanson M
1938 - 1939 Rev Francis Verdun Hansen M 1916 2009
1939 - 1941 Rev G B Sribly M
1941 - 1942 Rev J. J. Mahoney M
1942 - 1946 Rev M S. Padman M
1946 - 1948 Rev E. J. Goldsworthy M
1948 - 1949 Rev G D Haydon M
1949 - 1954 Rev J. V. Morgan M
1954 - 1957 Rev C Fox M
1957 - 1961 Rev J Barrett M
1961 - 1965 Rev D Fuller M
1965 - 1970 Rev C Duke M
1970 - 1975 Rev L Caust M
1976 - 1978 Rev C Oldfield M
1978 - Rev R Miller U


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The Challenge of Tomorrow's Day: A History of the Snowtown Uniting Church 1879 - 1979