South Townsville, QLD - St John's Anglican

Year Built: 1907

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: John

Address: 32 Macrossan Street, South Townsville, Queensland, 4810

Architect: Charles Dalton Lynch

Traditional Owners: Bindal, Wulgurukaba people

Last Updated: 23/08/2022

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History and Architecture:

A historical marker at the front of the Church reads, "The first church in South Townsville was built on this site around 1886. However, it was destroyed by cyclone Sigma in 1896. It was rebuilt, but again demolished by cyclone Leonta in 1903". Church services were held in Mindham's Hall.

The present St John's Church, built in 1907, was the most innovative church in North Queensland at the time. It is distinctly North Queensland in style with verandahs shading the core, lightweight construction and sliding doors to open up the walls and provide better ventilation (a device that had never previously been used on church buildings in the north). The church was designed by Charles Dalton Lynch, the Townsville partner of the architectural firm of Tunbridge, Tunbridge and Lynch.  It is a good example of architect Lynch's design response to the tropical climate.

Prior to the establishment of the adjacent Rectory in 1910, Cathedral staff travelled from the other side of Ross Creek to conduct services. The Church played an important social role in the community.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1889 - 1896 Rev L.. Ketchlee
1896 - 1898 Rev A. E. Attkins
1898 - 1901 Rev J. H. Teale Curate
1901 - 1903 Rev C. Tomkin
1903 - 1907 Rev S. O. Goodchild 1874 1952
1907 - 1911 Rev F. Tubman
1911 - 1913 Rev B. Carrie
1915 - 1918 Rev John Edwin Dale 1884 1965
1923 - 1924 Rev William Vernon Rymer 1892 1985
1924 - 1928 Rev James Tweedie 1871 1940
1928 - 1955 Rev John Ivan Spenser Butterworth 1892 1968
1955 - Rev R. G. Beal
1958 - Rev R. G. Beale Asst
1959 - Rev Cedric Cuthbert Hurt 1898 1980


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