Sunshine VIC - Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Catholic

Year Built: 1941

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Address: 92 Monash Street, Sunshine, Victoria, 3020

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Wurundjeri people

Last Updated: 01/07/2021

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History and Architecture:

In 1909 at a meeting of local Catholic families from English, Celtic, Maltese and Italian backgrounds that the decision was made to raise funds for a Church in Sunshine.  At the time the Parish of Footscray, formed in 1890, serviced the Pastoral needs of the district of Sunshine with the first Mass celebrated in 1903 at the House of the Station Master. By 1913 a timber church had been built however in 1939 it was burnt down. By 1913 a timber church had been built however in 1939 it was burnt down.

A Foundation stone reads, "A.M.D.G. This stone was blessed and laid by Most Rev D Mannix D.D. L.L.D. Archbishop of Melbourne 26th January 1941. Rev F Ryder P.P. P.J. O'Connor Architect. Simme and Co Pty Ltd Builders".

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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1927 - 1935 Father Patrick Fennessy 1973
1935 - 1949 Father Francis Ryder 1961
1949 - 1956 Father Egan
1987 - 1996 Father Breden Lane
1996 - 2002 Father Lewy Keelty
2002 - 2008 Father Harry Dyer
2008 - 2009 Father Marcus Anandanpulle
2009 - 2011 Father John Maher
2011 - Father Peter Hoang
2020 - Father Peter Damien McKinley


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