Tailem Bend, SA - Trinity Lutheran (30020)

Year Built: 1912

Denomination: Lutheran

Address: 10 Seymour Street, Tailem Bend, South Australia, 5259

Last Updated: 03/08/2021

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History and Architecture:

Lutherans came to this area mainly from the Callington and Monarto areas where Lutheran congregations and churches already existed. Each of these congregations belonged to the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Australia.

Pastor F Koschade commenced services as Westbrook in 1899 and later in Moorland

The Callington congregation withdrew from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia and joined the Immanuel Synod (later to become part of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia). In this way the two Synods which united in 1966 to become the present Lutheran Church in Australia came to be represented in this area.

At the end of Seymour Street is the former St Johns church (UELCA) which was sold while the Evangelical Church is further down Seymour Street.

St John's commenced building its church in 1912 and it was dedicated that same year. The Trinity Group met in several private homes and later as numbers grew services were held in the Congregational Church. In 1934 they decided to build their own church and a quote of 650.00 from a Mr Altman was accepted. The foundation stone was laid on 3 November. The dedication service took place on 1 March 1936.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1906 - 1907 Pastor J P.A. Hopmann IM
1906 - 1907 Pastor A E.R. Brauer IM
1907 - 1916 Pastor W E.J. Appelt IM
1916 - 1927 Pastor J F.M. Hansen IM
1928 - 1930 Pastor E. P.G. Kriewaldt IM
1931 - 1933 Pastor T F Strelan IM
1934 - 1936 Pastor A. R Schirmer IM
1936 - 1943 Pastor T. C. Backen IM
1944 - 1955 Pastor R C Schumacher IM
1956 - 1960 Pastor Walter John Hoopmann IM 1918 2009
1960 - 1969 Pastor M D Rudolph IM
1899 - 1930 Pastor K. F. Koschade IS
1922 - 1929 Pastor J G.C. Doehler IS
1929 - 1930 Pastor W Reidel IS
1930 - 1936 Pastor T G. Obst IS
1936 - 1941 Pastor E. L Lienert IS
1941 - 1942 Pastor B. E. Bartholomaeus IS 1915 2009
1942 - 1948 Pastor L. H Leske IS
1948 - 1951 Pastor C. C Zanker IS
1951 - 1955 Pastor R W. Mayer IS
1955 - 1956 Pastor B. Bernhardt IS
1956 - 1958 Pastor L. P. Doecke IS
1958 - 1966 Pastor H Stiller IS
1969 - 1973 Pastor M J. Wilke LCA


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