Tanunda, SA - Langmeil Lutheran (30183)

Year Built: 1846

Denomination: Lutheran

Address: 7 Maria Street, Tanunda, South Australia, 5352

Last Updated: 27/09/2021

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History and Architecture:

Langmeil Thanksgiving Congregation is one of the oldest Lutheran congregations in the country. Early services were held in the private homes of members and the congregation dedicated its first church on 26th December 1846. It was demolished in 1888.

Named after a village in Germany, Langmeil was settled by a group of German emigrants who came to South Australia in 1838 with Pastor Kavel. In 1842 they came to Langmeil, north of Tanunda, on the banks of the River Para. First church and rooms built 1846.

Constructed in bluestone with rendered quoins, strings and surrounds to openings, unbuttressed it is dominated by tower with unusual spire and characterised by large unadorned wall areas.

The desire for a new church commenced in 1868 and the contract was eventually let to J. Bastedow of Tanunda who undertook to erect masonry, roof and a ceiling for 595. The foundation stone was laid on 25 July and construction completed on 25 November. The debt on construction costs had been cleared by 1892.

The Cemetery contains the graves of Pastors Kavel, Auricht and Hebart, the first three Pastors of the Congregation. Two large shells brought from New Guinea indicate a row of graves of missionaries who served there.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1845 - 1860 Pastor August Kavel
1860 - 1907 Pastor Christian Auricht
1909 - 1952 Pastor Theodor Hebart
1952 - 1960 Pastor Ivan Wittwer 1928 2006
1960 - 1975 Pastor Laurence. H Leske
1975 - 1982 Pastor David Siegle
1982 - 1993 Pastor Leonard O. Gerschwitz LCA
1993 - Pastor David Preuss LCA 1952 2021
2020 - Pastor Carl Richter LCA


The major part of the cost of the pipe organ was received as a bequest from a former organist Theo Geyer, who played in the church for 50 years. It was dedicated in his memory in 1950.
The piped organ was built J.E. Dodd and was installed in 1922 at a cost of 623. It was a two manual stop instrument.


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