Tanunda, SA - St Paul's Lutheran

Year Built: 1903

Denomination: Lutheran

Saint: Paul

Address: Murray Street, Tanunda, South Australia, 5352

Architect: Leonard Golding & Sons

Traditional Owners: Peramangk people

Last Updated: 27/04/2024

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History and Architecture:

The origins of the St Paul's goes back to 1903 when the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia first conducted preaching services in Tanunda. These services were held in the home of Mr J. A. Pfeiffer.

St. Paul's was formed on 16th February 1904 with six families living at Tanunda (Messrs. J. G. Heinrich, F. W. Wilhelm, W. Schulz, J. A. Pfeiffer, D. G. Noach, and C. G. Wilksch and their wives) being the foundation members. Their church building, which was a small wood and iron structure situated beside a house on land purchased from Pastor A. F. Rechner by Mr Pfeiffer in 1903, was dedicated on 29th May 1904 by Pastor H. Nickel.

The property owned by Mr J. A. Pfeiffer was purchased from him by the St. Paul's congregation in 1923 for 1000.

In 1926 the St. Paul's congregation decided to build a new church. The building which had been their place of worship for the past 22 years was moved to the back of the allotment, where it is still being used for Sunday School classes. The new church, which was able to accommodate more than 200 people, was dedicated on 23rd September 1928. The total cost of this building with furnishings was about 4200.

The Foundation stone was laid on 12 February 1928.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1904 - 1916 Pastor T. A.F.W. Nickel ELSA
1916 - 1933 Pastor C. A. Wiebusch ELSA
1933 - 1942 Pastor L. A. Presser ELSA
1942 - 1947 Pastor A. E. Schulze ELSA
1947 - 1957 Pastor P. B. Zweck ELSA
1958 - 1963 Pastor D. O. Paech ELSA
1963 - 1971 Pastor Gordon Wilfred Mibus LCA 1930 2019
1971 - 1975 Pastor E. W. Koch LCA
1975 - 1988 Pastor E. T. Koch LCA
1988 - 1996 Pastor N. T. Stiller LCA
1998 - 2003 Pastor S. M. Traeger LCA
2005 - 2011 Pastor Anthony Price LCA
2013 - 2022 Pastor G. Baikovs LCA


The Organ was built in 1928 by J.E. Dodd and enlarged in 1972 by J.E. Dodd & Sons Gunstar Organ Works. It has 2 manuals, 19 speaking stops, 4 couplers, tracker & tubular-pneumatic action. Gt: Sw: Ped:
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1. Lutheran Archives with permission.
2. Organ Historical Trust of Australia with permission.